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By George Retaser

In my opinion, it's like this in the world: if you were to summarize all sexual desire of all human males in the world, you would arrive at, let's say, 1 million units.

And if you were to summarize all sexual desire of all human females, you'd arrive at a figure of something like ten thousand units.

That means that for all 100 units of male sexual desire, there is just 1 unit of female sexual desire.

Such a constellation creates a market where the wanters compete with each others to have access to the havers.

It's the same as if there are 100 hungry men and 1 other who has a loaf of bread. The 100 will compete with each other, and mind you, they may even compete for the chance to kill the haver.

Who wins? Certainly one of the one hundred who is most driven to get that loaf of bread. It won't be one of those who think: no bread, never mind, we will all die anyway.

OK, now you want to compete on the market place of sexual economics. If you are a man, and you would like sex with a beautiful woman, first you have to be driven to want it. If you are sexually sluggish you won't succeed anyway.

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